Sunday, August 17, 2008

Catch up

A preview of the mountain trip
I have one more video coming up of the trip back to Cuenca through the mountains but I thought I would just catch you up on the week we have just had.
Mark and I spent 2 days up at the Assembly hall as the District Conventions started this weekend (they have 3 here in Cuenca alone) and there was a lot of work to be done getting the hall ready. Junior Jones said he usually gives everything a fresh coat of paint but this year he was way behind so we gave him a hand and even though we were fighting the rain - we accomplished a lot and he was very happy. Sitting on the hard concrete for 2 days meant I was sore all over - my excuse for a day off (the group on Friday is not my favorite because it is what I call a mountain goat group - I am tired before we have even started the territory!).
Saturday came and we were back into it. I had a call on a girl to do - in English (I had finally got an english book and bible for her) and we arranged for me to go back again today (Sunday) and start the study. Well after we finished today I asked her when she wanted me to come again. She said "How many times a week can you come?" After I picked myself off the floor it was decided that as she works from 8am - 8 pm Monday - Friday- Saturday and Sunday Morning was probably best. But she asked if I was passing the shop she works in if I could call in and spend 10 minutes or so with her. Of course I said that would be no problem at all. And the absolute best thing about this experience is that she wants to study in English - it will only take 1/2 an hour to prepare - not 2 hours!!!
Barbara and I doing our bit


Aaron said...

Yeah! all your hard work is paying off! and you have a yearbook experience. im sure you will have no problems achiving the 70 hours required. Go Hard!

The Kinlocher's said...

Well that must be such a treat for you - I am sure you will enjoy the change - now if you can just train her to come to your house on the way to work you can start your time before you even step out the door!

Go hard like Aaron says - what does that mean by the way?

love from us at Kinloch

Mark and Beth said...

Hey thanks guys - I will try to "GO HARD" (am I showing my age to the same question as Ann?)