Sunday, November 1, 2009

Aaron Graduates

Even though we couldn't be in Australia with Aaron when he graduated - we were very happy to hear some highlights and see a photo provided by my brother who went in our place along with Marks parents. I am glad he had some family to support him when he found out he would be sent to a really little congregation in the middle of the North Island. It has been a very spiritually uplifting weekend as we have just been to the special talk for the dedication - attended by 40,000 people - never seen such a crowd coming from small little NZ. And you know what - not a policeman in sight - it sure is an awesome organization we belong to.


The Haines Family said...

Congrats Aaron!!!! We know you will bring lots of life to your new assignment.

The Kinlocher's said...

My thoughts are with you and Mark particularly at this time Beth - so much going on in your family for you to be so proud of them all. Well done to Aaron congratulations to Lizi and Ryan and looking forward to your return soon Amanda.