Monday, November 30, 2009

We arrived

Well we are back in good old NZ after an awfully long trip. Mark of course slept no problem and I of course did not, even after taking a supposedly strong sleeping pill. I just decided in the end to roll with it and watch every movie available. I was pretty tired of course when we arrived in Auckland but we had a little wait until Amanda come in from Taiwan. It was exciting though because in between our arrival and her flight - the Brothers and Sisters who had been attending the Hawaiian International Convention came in. So it was quite neat. There was a brother iand sister there waiting for someone who were worried about their son who lives in Ecuador. The hadn't heard from him for 4 or 5 days and they were quite worried. Amazingly we were able to give them good news as he was at the Bed and Breakfast we stayed at in Guayaquil (run by witnesses). So that was a relief for them.
My mum in law made us a delicious lamb lunch and we caught up with my sisters and Mum along with Marks family. So the day went by fast and I fell into bed at around 7pm - and slept until 9.30 am - sure did need it.
We have been sorting ourselves out today and hopefully we will be already to go our witnessing tomorrow. Got to get back into routine as soon as possible.


Anonymous said...

Hey Beth and Mark. We are getting ready for the group this morning in Banos. We will miss your being there. By the way, we suddenly have 5 people who want to get baptized. Need Mark here to help with the questions...hurry back!! D.W.

Elizabeth in Ecuador said...

Oh wow! Sorry to have left you with a big job - we'll be back for the next assembly though and you can make Mark do all the work for that one!
Miss you all!

Greg and Cheri said...

Hi Beth,
This is Cheri & Greg from Canada (we wrote on your blog awhile back). We are going to Cuenca afterall!! We were wondering if you could give us the name of the B&B in Guayaquil (email address if possible)as our flight lands there and we want to visit Bethel and maybe stay a day or 2 before heading to Cuenca. Many thanks,