Monday, November 16, 2009


Yep I finally finished this video - it's been difficult, what with the lack of power some days (Ecuador is officially in drought so they cut the power in various sectors anywhere from 4 to 12 hours at a time), and me running round trying to get things done before we leave next week. We had an excellent time away with the Ochoa family and Chad and Michele - it was a nice "last Hor-rah"!
We thoroughly enjoyed spending time with the little boys, Mateo and Pablo, who are the politest kids I know. They would come out in the morning and "Buenos Dias" everyone individually and everytime they would get down from the table - a cute little "gracias". Just the way they said it has Mark and Chad taking them off here in our house now and it never gets old!
Salinas is a touristy beach but it is not quite the season yet so it was nice and mellow - also not too hot yet so that was good. I came home with a few injuries but it's my own fault - I really should remember I am not 25 anymore! The first day there, I bent my finger back playing basketball with Chad and it is still very bruised. Never mind - it got me out of the dishes quite a few times.
I have also included some photos from our goodbye party last night which as it turned out was a combined party - not solely for us. The congregation wanted to thank The Willis' and Chad and Michele for all the hard work they had done in the remodelation and also it was welcome party for the Haines. Naturally they didn't tell anyone that and when the Haines didn't turn up (they had been out in service all day and were too exhausted to come) - they of course panicked. Vaguely reminisint of the time we didn't turn up to our welcome party eh?
So with it being a combined party - I was spared blubbing too much. I did a little game for the kids - who just didn't get the concept of the race but I think they enjoyed it. Then of course we danced the rest of the night away and today we are all complaining of sore legs and feet!

 This brother (who we had never met before as he is in another congo) came and sang us a farewell and come back song.

I have started handing my studies over to Michele and it is really dawning on me that this is it! Still trying to be positive though that we will make it back - so here's hoping!


Chad and Michele said...

Nice video Beth! We sure did have fun, didn't we??

The Kinlocher's said...

Great video Beth - we have kept up with all your activities while you have been away so what on earth will you be able to tell us about when you are sitting around our table in two weeks time! Just kidding. Glad you had a nice time at the beach - looks like a lovely family you went with. Chad and Michelle don't look too bad either!
Didn't realize that Fernando went with you - tell him I simply refuse to call him Papa so he doesn't need to 'suck up' to you any more!

collardsx2 said...

hi guys, just wondering when you'll be back in NZ ... Branch has granted us permission to have monthly public talks, and wondering if Mark might be available to do the PT in December (in Spanish, of course)? If he's available, then I'll pass it by Brendon ...

Elizabeth in Ecuador said...

Hey Garreth
Mark says if you are sure you want to listen to his bad spanish - he will be happy to come and do a talk.
I think Tauranga has an assembly on the 19th and 20th of December so not that weekend.
Looking forward to seeing you guys soon - we arrive back on the 29th of November!
xxx Beth

dwak said...

That banana boat looks like a blast! Glad you had such a nice "see you soon ecuador-horrah"!