Thursday, November 5, 2009

More Firsts

Today has been a few firsts for me. First time I have had to go to a Doctor here. It only cost $8 and they are pretty thorough in their exams, according to the doc I have the blood pressure of a 15 year old (shame I ain't got the body of one). They are not really into technology and after poking and prodding me here and there,diagnosed me with a sinus infection - nothing major and wrote me out a script and sent me on my way. I went into a pharmacy to get the script filled and nearly fell over backwards when they wanted $82!!! Another first for me - I said that was way to expensive so she knocked off $10 just like that. I got the feeling I was being ripped off and said I would have to come back and then took my script back off her and left (much to her chagrin, I think). I rang the doctor back and asked her if that was correct, which of course she said no it wasn't and to come to the pharmacy near her office. In the end it cost me $20!! Isn't that disgusting?
Then I wanted to see a Skin Specialist cause I have some sunspots that need attending to. I walked into the recommended chap and paid $25 - amazing! That would never happen in NZ - ie after waiting 6 months for an appointment - I would then be charged about $250 for a five minute visit. Crazy!
The first I am most proud of though is I actually made a call when we had the telephone witnessing group here! People who know me will remember that I really hate using the telephone - and telephone witnessing is my worst nightmare, so in another language is just petrifying! It may have been the drugs I am on or maybe the encouragement of the others, but I was determined to have a go and guess what - the woman I talked to said I could call back on Saturday!!! It sure got my adrenalin flowing and I am so pleased I actually did it. Just another time I have stepped way out of my comfort zone! For the 1st hour - we had no lights so I quess that is another first-
Telephone Witnessing without lights!