Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ya Extrañar Cuenca!

Just a little something to show you some of the things we will miss about being here in Cuenca. Of course the sights are amazing but it is the people that we have met who have really made our time here so wonderful. You would have been watching an hour long video if I could have put everyone in that we have gotten close to so apologies to anyone in Cuenca that wonders why their photo doesn't appear. You are definitely in our hearts none the less!

Of course there are some things that we won't miss i.e: dogs barking (at us and at night when we are trying to sleep), buses not stopping for you either to get on or off, coming home with aching sore feet everyday, mud (not that there has been a lot of that lately), the power going off at the most inopportune time for hours,or having to limit the amount of coffee drunken for breakfast cause you don't know when you will see a clean toilet next but as a whole the joys we have received here far out way the frustrating things.

Saying goodbye to our "roomies" is the most difficult part and we can't thank them enough for having the courage to live with us. It is really amazing how well we have gotten on together especially as Michele and I worked 12 - 14 hours a day together in the kitchen for the remodel. You know what they say about 2 women in a kitchen! Anyway we have enjoyed immensely the fun times we have had together. Keep up the good work Chad and Michele - we will miss you terribly. Let's hope it is only for a couple of months and we can continue on being your surrogate Mum and Dad (oops Mom and Dad). Oh and Chad thanks for all the yummy scrambled egg breakfasts!

Doug and Lisa and the kids have played a big part in making our time here great too. They have steadfastly encouraged and supported us especially when we were first here, with very limited language skills - so thanks a million guys. Doug we will be thinking of you with your mammoth task of the only elder in this huge congo. Mark will be hankering to get back and help, never fear.

Mark and Rebeka McLesky too - thanks for the help you have given us with our spanish - I hope we don't forget all you have taught us.

Entonces nuestros amigos - muchas gracias por todos! Tenemos mucho cariño para ti! Nunca será olvidaremos nuestra tiempo aquí en Cuenca o nuestros amigos amables y por favor nunca olvidarais nosotros!. Te quiero mucho!
(sorry if my spanish is a little off - as you can see I am still not very good - even with all the help from M &R)

Ok well that's enough from me - I am signing off now and packing the computer away for a few days. I will try and post now and again while we are in NZ so that you can keep up with our comings and goings if you are interested.

Thanks to everybody for watching and reading our
"Experience in Ecuador"


AJ and Jordanne said...

We will miss you SO MUCH! You have no idea what an awesome part of Cuenca you are ~ you have made our arrival here that much more enjoyable and have been such an excellent example of happiness and joy in Jehovah's service. Keep up the great work while you're back in NZ...and hurry back!!!!!!

ChantalLenee said...

I am going to miss your blog. I told my husband that I was sad that Mark and Beth were going home. He said, "Who?" Well, that's how involved I've become. It's like I know you. Thank you so much.
BTW - I knew Chad when he was a little kid! We were in the same circuit. It truly is a small world in Jehovah's organization.
There is an article on going where the need is great in the Dec. 15 Watchtower. You are such an encouragement.

Lisa said...

Hey Beth....have you thought of trying to sell your house through the bloke site?? Just an idea...

Chad and Michele said...

Well, I only cried like 4 times today (and 2 last night), but I was feeling pretty good, happy that you get to see your family...and then...I happen to look at your blog. Well, here we go again...you really are too much and we miss you already! Here we sit, in this big apartment, and I am listening to the clock...tick, tick, tick....Hurry back soon before we go crazy! hahahaha

Sara aka Jasmine said...

O beth goodness your videos sure do seem to have an effect on people! Just leave it to jehovah and hope in him..im very sorry this is so hard on everyone..but it just shows how awesome jehovahs org. is..and how close the bond is between all of us no matter where we are in the world. Enjoy seeing your family and i really hope me and kami see you when we come out next year! Thank you so much for your blogs i will miss them!

dwak said...

Waaahhh...not fair making me cry first thing in the morning :( I really feel like linking your blog to mine and just letting my friends look at that perfect caption of life in Ecuador because the chances of me putting something so beautiful like that together are slim to none (but don't worry, won't steal it :) Please take care and PLEASE don't forget us either...come what may! Love, d.

The Haines Family said...

We miss you already! You have a place in so many hearts :) We're looking forward to hearing when you are coming back.
Have fun with all your friends and fam back in NZ, don't forget that we want to see what you're up to, so keep blogging.
Love ya

The Scottys said...

WOW what a reflection of your times in ecudaor it took me back to your muddy tracks, guinea pigs, the old lady that had the cane to swing at Mark, of course your spanish that got you both in trouble at the doors!
The faith and strength of the the bros and sis in ecuador,dear joanna ahd her faimly. Mark enjoying the delicacies of ecuador, your demon stove, problems with keys and locking yoursel out the list go on!!
Thank you Amigos for sharing your joy, trials and triumphs with us.
Will always be grateful for the loving brotherhood we have.
More so we thank Jehovah for giving us gems like you!!
Will see you soon.
Its been AWESOME meeting others through their comments on the blog

catherine said...

Welcome home Beth and Mark so looking forward to seeing you soon XX