Monday, November 23, 2009

Pioneer Meeting

We had our end of year meeting early to accommodate Mark and I and I wanted to show you our group. There is actually 18 - you can only see 17 as one of the sisters is a master at hiding - she hates photos. Some of you may recognize Christian (5th from left standing) he has just been appointed as a pioneer along with 4 other young men. Christian is still going to school so has to work very hard for his hours. He is also a fatherless and motherless boy - having been brought up by his grandmother when he was abandoned at 3 years old. She obviously did an awesome job!


The Scottys said...

WOW Mark what a long way you have come since your first talk!!
The confidence, illustration and spanish was SUPREMO!!
Love the tie such a neat color your skin tone blends in with the ecudorians.

Pioneer meeting something you would never forget so encouraging to read about the young ones "Tasting and seeing Jah is good!!
Loving the photos and vidoes so going to miss them.
When you leave say Aloha because it means goodbye and hello.
You all feel like one big happy family what a great organization we belong to!!
See you soon

Elizabeth in Ecuador said...

Looking forward to seeing you Alice and Terry. Thanks for being faithful blog readers!

Aaron said...

I miss Ecuador

Elizabeth in Ecuador said...

I know what you mean Aaron - I miss it already. It sure gets under your skin doesn't it?

AJ and Jordanne said...

Hee hee, who is the "master of hiding" hermana?? Or you don't want to out her on the world-wide-web...??? ;-) Heehee!

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