Monday, November 9, 2009

Great Grub and Gringo Day

It's 5 o'clock in the morning and I am up and about. Not that I wanted to be but this morning a guy was going around in his car with a loud speaker, rabbiting on about something (very difficult to understand spanish through a loud speaker, especially at 4.30am). What is it about these people and their penchant for waking everybody up??

     Sitting around this table we have
Aussies, Canadians, Americans, Mexicans and of New Zealanders

        Oh well I'm up now so I might as well tell you about our day yesterday. Mark had the talk at the English Meeting so that filled our morning up. As we always do we went out to lunch with a few of the friends. We have a brother and sister in our congo that own a restuarant and I had wanted to eat there before we left. So with trepidation (you never quite know what the situation will be ie cleanliness and what the food will be like) I suggested we go there. Thankfully      William and Sandra run a pretty good place.  Everyone loved the food and the atmosphere was great.Phew - especially when there was so many of us - there was a lot riding on my decision.

With William and Sandra. Not a great photo of any of us but I just wanted to show you why I feel like a giant here! I guess poor Sandra didn't feel too great either with so many tall gringa women towering over her!

Today we are off to Salinas - its a beach on the coast - for our last Hor-rah with Chad and Michele and the Ochoa family. It should be fun but I am not looking forward to the 5 hour bus ride. Maybe though I will sleep thanks to the stupid man with the loud speaker this morning.


ChantalLenee said...

I'm loving your site and will miss it if you choose to discontinue it. And I will be happy to be with people who are shorter than I am (Sandra)! (I am only 5'1" or about 155 centimetres) and here in our congo the only ones shorter than me are the domincans and mexicans!
No word on your 2 year visa?

ChantalLenee said...

Oh, and who is the little blond girl at the table? I have an 11 year old daughter (also a little blond girl) and would like to contact the family so that my Meredith can correspond with her.

Elizabeth in Ecuador said...

Chantal - I should have said - yes we got our visas renewed and our passports back on Friday. We are very happy that at least if things pan out we will be able to just get on a plane.
Drew is the daughter of Brain and Dena Haines - she is 8 years old and very cute. I am sure she will get on with your daughter. When I get back from the coast - I will talk to Dena and get her to get in contact with you. They are serving in our congo - didn't know any spanish when they got here 5 months ago but are progressing nicely! (Of course I am no expert in that regard)
Love Beth

The Kinlocher's said...

So the question is will things pan out we all wonder.... Hope you enjoyed your day at the coast and survived the 5 hours bus trip - you must have if you are reading this huh?