Saturday, November 7, 2009

It's begun

Mimi and her hot wing factory
Ivan made us learn a few Latin dances to take home with us (it was good for working off the wings too)

The goodbyes have started and I don't know how I am going to cope. The other day a sister from another congo, who we got to know in the remodel kitchen, stopped by and gave me a little picture that she had made for me. She said I want you to remember me because I will remember you! Of course I started crying - so sweet!
Last night we were invited to a little dinner party by Mimi and Ivan (you met them eons ago on the blog, he is Ecuadorian and she is American, but brought up here). Mimi has a gift with chicken wings and as you can see - she makes tonnes of them. Honestly they are sooo good and no matter how many you eat, there is always more coming! And her home made Ranch and Blue Cheese dressings are to die for!
Having to say goodbye is not good at the best of times. I think when we left our home congregation,who all turned up at the airport to see us off - it was pretty emotional but we always knew we would see them again. The doubts as to whether we can get back here is making these goodbyes extremely difficult and I am on the verge of tears every time I think about it.
What an experience we have had though and we have grown so much from widening out. Learning to accept different cultures has been huge (even though I would have thought I was ok in that area) as has been learning to deal with the frustrations of things not going how you think they should go (eg being in the kitchen for 8 weeks - you know all about that though eh - so I won't bore you with more stories).
Anyway the countdown is on so I had better steel myself for the emotional rollacoaster that is to come.


The Scottys said...

Our hearts go out to you beth!!
As much as we cant wait to have you both back here in tauranga
Ecuador has been a real big part of our lives too.

And Im so going to miss all the funny stories, sad times, experiences and encouragement.
BUT james 5:13-15 will see you through I believe ecudaor has not seen the last of you two!!

Deb n Doug said...

Hello Beth and Mark, warm greetings from the Dominican Republic! We are the aunt& uncle of Chad and Michele and have immensely enjoyed reading your blog and perspective of life in Ecuador. After reading your comments though I just had to write and tell you not to get too discouraged. Our first visit to the DR was a few years ago for 7 weeks and we got so close to the congregation it was hard to leave and I really thought we'd never see them again. But we are now here again for five months and this is our third visit so you never know how Jehovah will work things out but I do think you'll be back in Ecuador. But may Jehovah bless you wherever you serve!

The Kinlocher's said...

ohh that is so sad it makes me want to cry just reading your post, but hey as Deb and Doug say who knows what Jehovah will arrange for you and Mark - time will tell. Have a safe trip back down under and we look forward to seeing you real soon.

Elizabeth in Ecuador said...

Thanks guys for your comments. Deb and Doug we have heard lots about your from our roomies.
We are told by lots of people that they are praying for our return so there are many prayers going up to Jehovah. It's in his hands now!

Miha said...

What a fun party!!! Aww i missed Mark's talk too! It was sooo nice to get to know you guys down there. I hope it works out for you to go back soon! Enjoy the wedding and take lots of pics!!
love, miha